Our Services
  1. Commercial Real Estate
    Commercial Real Estate Aquisitions
    PRESTIGIOUS INVESTMENTS,LLC is a private property management real estate investing firm overseeing the acquisitions of prime commercial land and high-end income properties nationwide. Our motto; " Committing Only To Projects With Upside Potential," is designed to ensure each asset has the proper characteristics to provide the opportunity of significant turn-around potential.
  2. Residential Real Estate Aquisitions
    Residential Real Estate Aquisitions
    Until you need to sell your home, you may never have imagined the difficulties and headaches that come with it.Traditional listing methods mean the uncertainty of when your home will sell and what price it will bring.You may know first hand some of these difficulties, or maybe you're still just in the beginning stages of thinking about selling your home.We're here to create offers and solutions for you that address your specific concerns.
  3. Land Development ( Joint Venture Facilitation)
    Land Development ( Joint Venture Facilitation)
    Our team of Joint Venture Facilitation professionals have established a track records of locating top notch developers with impressive track records and strong financials.We can often create a solution that is outside the box of traditional real estate deals for land owners and help structure win/win partnership.Contact us if you are interested in learning more.
  4. Property Management
    Property Management
    When was the last time you raised your rents? Are you getting as much as possible? Because the amount of rent you collect affects the value of your property, it’s important to have your rents set right at market rates. We begin each engagement with an initial evaluation that enhance each property’s distinctive style and its true value.Contact Us for more information.